Water Quality

The waters of New York City have made a remarkable comeback in the past thirty years. New Yorkers can again safely use the rivers, harbor and beaches for boating, fishing and swimming. As such, CIBBOWS is committed to maintaining and improving the water quality of New York City. We work closely with The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (http://www.waterwire.net) as well as other stakeholders in the NYC waterfront community on a number of water quality projects.

Some of our efforts involve:

  1. Sponsoring several off season beach clean-ups for Brooklyn and Staten Island. Some are done in collaboration with American Littoral Society and Ocean Conservancy while others are stand-alone clean-ups, sponsored by CIBBOWS.

  2. Providing input for the Long Term Control Plan for Combined Sewage Outflow proposal for the DEP and DEC.

  3. Providing input for Plan NYC 2030, the Bloomberg's administration proposal to create an environmentally sustainable city in 25 years.

  4. Working with the MWA Waterfront Play Task Force to produce a policy paper recommending best practices for public use of NYC's waterfront and waters.

Please contact info@cibbows.org for more details about how you can get involved in these or other waterfront related projects.