Rondi speaks at Harbor School

Planning the Governors Island Swim

In 2017 NYOW ran the Governors Island Swim, a perennial favorite of open water swimmers. This year they handed over the reins to CIBBOWS and we will be hosting the swim along with The New York Harbor School – a public high school located on Governors Island. The swim is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 23, 2018.

This swim date will be one day after graduation ceremonies take place at The New York Harbor School, so students and faculty participating in the swim will be able to say they swam around their school – how many people are able to say that? It’s also the scheduled day of rest for the 8 Bridges swimmers, so they will be able to do an easy 2 miler on their day off if they so desire.

The Governors Island swim is a 2 mile swim around the majority of the island which is located in the NYC harbor with fabulous views of lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Spectators are able to walk the promenade and follow their favorite swimmer for the majority of the race.

Work has already started in planning this event. A few weeks ago Dr. Rondi Davies, of NYOW,  gave a presentation about tides and currents around Governors Island to The New York Harbor School and the race directors for CIBBOWS. This was a necessary step in determining which dates would be available to make this swim possible. If the race isn’t planned in connection with the tides and currents swimmers could end up pushed out into The New York Harbor or up in The East River.

Next week, Bonnie Schwartz Nolan will get together with The New York Harbor School and the race directors from CIBBOWS and draw up the safety plans for the race. Just another part of preparatory work required to stage a swim event.

After that we will have to get permits, contact the Coast Guard, NYPD Harbor Patrol, kayak support, safety boats, ferry service, and so on.