Grimaldo’s Mile Results

Grimaldo’s Mile 2022 was a success! Thank you everyone who joined us. It was inspiring to see everything from newbies tackling their first race, to experienced swimmers really posting some remarkable times! And we especially want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers who really make this possible.

It was an honor to have Grimaldo’s family join us again this year. Without him, CIBBOWS would not exist as it does.

Congratulations to the Top 3 finishers in each division:


  1. Ferdia Kenny in 26:17 (!)
  2. Chad Schneider in 28:11
  3. Gregory Rossi in 28:22


  1. Justin Ginsburg in 29:19
  2. Ellie Wawrzaszek in 30:56
  3. Lauren Gadon in 37:50

The rest of the finish times are available here:

Stay tuned for photos from the event!