Breezy Point

Breezy Point Swim 2022

In by Jeremy Whelchel

  • July 30, 2022
    July 30, 2022
    7:30 am - 2:00 pm

2022 Breezy Point 5k is in the books! Thank you to all our swimmers and volunteers.

Results available here:

How many times have you sat on Brighton Beach and looked out at those beautiful beaches across the water that are called Breezy Point? “Could I swim that distance?” “Is there dangerous boat traffic?” “I can’t live another day if I can’t do that swim.”

This 5K swim is only available to CIBBOWS members. As a true channel crossing, we will only accept experienced swimmers. Registrations will be manually reviewed and approved.

You’ll swim out to one of our boats and then be transported to Breezy Point to start the swim. I’ve always liked to get completely out onto the beach and touch that lighthouse building on the beach at Breezy before starting. You will have to swim together as a group (for safety reasons – we’re crossing a busy boating channel) guided by our support boats and kayakers until you reach Manhattan Beach. Once you’ve made the buoy at Manhattan Beach you’ll turn left swimming along the coast – here you are welcome to start your race to the finish, leave all your swimming buddies in your bubbles.

The swim starts from Breezy Point and ends where the boats picked you up – at Education Hall. Practice your beach starts and your sighting before the race, but after the race invite your friends to join you in taking advantage of amusements, games, and dining that Coney Island and Brighton Beach can offer you.

Breezy Point Course Map

  •  Radislav Banar
  •  Laura Bang
  •  Rich Bernstein
  •  Joseph Castello
  •  Gustavo Chacra
  •  Cathy Clarke
  •  Feroz Dewan
  •  Erin Donahue
  •  Lesa Fishman
  •  Emily Fogle
  •  Catherine Fukushima
  •  Terri Gumula
  •  Marilee Hodge
  •  Nick Kaledin
  •  Josh Kalin
  •  Kirsten Kramer
  •  Luis Martinez
  •  Lloyd Miller
  •  Katherine Moriwaki
  •  Jonathan Neukam
  •  Emily Oppenheimer
  •  Karen Poleshuck
  •  Richard Realmuto
  •  Carrie Sadovnik
  •  Constance Sasso
  •  Kristina Saxena
  •  Patricia Smith
  •  Julia Squilla
  •  Elizabeth Stoehr
  •  Joel Stoehr
  •  Frank Stryczek
  •  Ann Todd
  •  Bengu Tokat
  •  Svetlana Vorobyeva
  •  Joe Walters
  •  Ellen Weinberg

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