Grimaldo's Mile race

Grimaldo’s Mile 2021

In by Jeremy Whelchel

  • July 31, 2021
    July 31, 2021
    6:00 am - 11:00 am

Thank you to everyone who showed up and helped us have a successful race on Saturday!

Provisional race results are now available

This is the quintessential NYC open water 1 mile swim.

This swim honors the lifeguard Grimaldo Medrano who made it possible for NYC open water swimmers to swim past the jetties without being whistled in by the lifeguards. Grimaldo’s loyal confidence and acceptance of us open water swimmers made it possible for us all to swim today in what we think is the perfect training grounds. Unfortunately cancer took him from us when he was only 34. This swim honors and recognizes his life and commitment to our community. We thank him for all he did for us.

This is the perfect “newbie” race, for the beginner racer or triathlete whether they’ve experienced open water before or not. Conditions are usually gentle due to the geographically protected waters of Brighton Beach and Coney Island. You swim parallel to shore so if you have any doubts you can easily swim to shore, find a volunteer or race official, and hand in you race chip and say, “today just wasn’t my day, maybe next time.” That being said, it is also the perfect race to challenge your favorite competitors and there is talk about having a special wave for teams that want to show how well they have trained this year – which team will have the best showing: Brooklyn Tri, TNYA, Redtide, Bearcats, AGUA, or Cooper Union?

Practice your beach starts and your sighting before the race, but after the race invite your friends to join you in taking advantage of Amusements, Games, and Dining that Coney Island and Brighton Beach can offer you.

This race has been be limited to 150 entrants, based on the latest NYC health restrictions. We are now SOLD OUT.

Entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.

May 15, 2021 – June 30, 2021: $60.00
July 1, 2021 – July 27, 2021: $80.00
May 15, 2021 – June 30, 2021: $80.00
July 1, 2021 – July 27, 2021: $100.00


Registration will be in the boardwalk pavilion opposite of New York Aquarium’s Education Hall. Please refer to the Venue section at the bottom of this page for more details and a photo of what to look for.


6:00 am  – Swimmer check-in opens. Meet at the pavilion on the boardwalk outside of Education Hall. Masks will be provided.
6:45 am – Check-in closes. Any swimmer not registered by 6:45 will not be allowed to participate. This is a hard limit. Please give yourself plenty of travel time and arrive well in advance.
6:45 am – Mandatory swimmer safety briefing. Any swimmer who does not attend the swimmer safety briefing will not be allowed to participate.
7:00 am – Swimmers walk as a group to race start at Grimaldo’s Chair, about 0.75 miles down the beach
7:30 am – Race starts! We will continuously launch small waves of swimmers, roughly seeded from fastest to slowest. Social distancing will be maintained on the beach as swimmers prepare for entry. Masks can be discarded at a disposal point before entry.
9:15 am – Course closes. Any remaining swimmers will be asked to exit the water. Social distancing will be maintained on the beach as swimmers exit the water. Masks will be provided upon exit from the water.
9:15 am – Awards Ceremony and Honoring Grimaldo’s Family. Please stick around for a very short ceremony to give our gratitude and love to Grimaldo’s mother.

Race Timing

Swimmers will be given timing chips to velcro to their ankles. A $30 fee will be charged for unreturned chips. Timing starts upon crossing the starting mat before entering the water, and stops upon crossing the finishing mat after exiting the water. You are competing for your own personal time — the swimmer next to you may have started at a different time, so please focus on your own personal effort. Due to COVID-19 regulations, we ask that all swimmers keep a respectful distance from each other in the water. Any swimmer aggressively swimming on top of another competitor is subject to disqualification.


Parking will be limited, because we are unable to use the lot behind Education Hall.

Feel free to use street parking, or park at the lot on Stillwell Avenue by the boardwalk. We recommend using the subway, but please allow extra travel time as there will be limited train service at this early hour on the weekend.


Because of pandemic protocol, our usual venue for restrooms cannot provide access. The Parks and Recreation Department will open public restrooms on the Boardwalk as early as 7am, but we cannot guarantee a prompt opening. Please plan accordingly.

Swim Angels

If this is the first time you are racing, or if you’re getting butterflies and just want some extra support, we will have trained “swim angels” swimming among you during the race and watching over you. CIBBOWS swim angels are experienced open water swimmers who know CPR and first aid, and promise not to leave your side in the ocean!

Securing Your Gear

Plastic bags and limited bag check will be available. If you have more than one medium-sized swim bag, please make arrangements for a friend or family member to watch your stuff. CIBBOWS is not responsible for items left on the beach.

Food and Water

Because of COVID-19 protocol, CIBBOWS will be providing bananas and oranges after the race (fruit with peels). Although we don’t usually encourage the use of plastic, individual water bottles will be provided to swimmers as they exit the race. Please bring any extra pre-race fuel or post-race recovery food you need to the race, as catering cannot be provided this year.

Grimaldo's Mile Course Map

  •  Jamie Alexander
  •  Luis Alvarez
  •  Chris Antonicelli
  •  Molly Arnn
  •  Gabriel Arra
  •  George Babiak
  •  Diana Baggott
  •  Frederick Baker
  •  Adam Barcan
  •  Aidan Barrington
  •  Yelena Basova
  •  Jessica Beecher
  •  Richard F Bernstein
  •  Lucas Bouk
  •  Ines Braun
  •  Terryl Brown
  •  Madeline Butterly
  •  Anna Carlson
  •  Deirdre Chadwick
  •  Nancy Chen
  •  Janet Cheng
  •  Elizabeth Cho
  •  Andrew Christie
  •  Rachel Cohen
  •  Patrick Colimon
  •  juliet collingwood
  •  Allaire Conte
  •  Ronald Cutler
  •  Caryn Davis
  •  Feroz Dewan
  •  capri djatiasmoro
  •  Greg Easton
  •  Ruth Effler
  •  Ted Ehrhardt
  •  Mark Elliot
  •  Scott Endsley
  •  Gabriel Estadella
  •  Neil Fazel
  •  Thomas Fischer
  •  Roy Fischman
  •  Lesa Fishman
  •  Emily Fogle
  •  Christopher Forero
  •  Elia Frid
  •  Eric Gardiner
  •  Judith Gerrard
  •  Justin Ginsburgh
  •  Adele Goldberg
  •  Glenn Goldstein
  •  Taina Guarda
  •  Terri Gumula
  •  Sara Hamel
  •  Nargus Harounzadeh
  •  ralph hassard
  •  Roger Herr
  •  Akinori Iida
  •  Andreas Jordan
  •  Andrew Kane
  •  Gregory Kaplan
  •  John Kilcullen
  •  Jessica Kleinbart
  •  Robert kolonkowski
  •  Hanna Kozlowska
  •  Irina Krassilnikova
  •  Chance Krempasky
  •  Jennifer Kuipers
  •  Jennifer Kyff
  •  Babs Laco
  •  Richard Lamia
  •  DB Lampman
  •  Susannah Levi
  •  Edmund Levin
  •  Matthew Linsley
  •  Stasi Lubansky
  •  Kelly Lyon
  •  Billy Lyons
  •  Greg MacPherson
  •  Diane Matyas
  •  Mel McCaig
  •  Patricia McGovern
  •  Kathy McGuire
  •  Rachael Mcknight
  •  James McSpiritt
  •  victor menezes
  •  Marta Millar
  •  Lloyd Miller
  •  Travis Millin
  •  Tuliao Miriam
  •  Sarah Moore
  •  Katherine Moriwaki
  •  Garrett Moss
  •  Ruth Mullen
  •  Karyn Mullin
  •  Michael Murray
  •  Harry Neuhaus
  •  Rodolfo Nunez
  •  Gene O'Brien
  •  Jack O'Brien
  •  Bre O'Scealai
  •  Jean OBrien
  •  Priscilla OCarroll
  •  roy oneill
  •  Graham Patterson
  •  Thiago Pereira
  •  Henry Pferr
  •  Agata Porter
  •  Sonya Preudhomme
  •  Bianca Rahill-Marier
  •  Richard Realmuto
  •  Madison Roberts
  •  eugenia rutherford
  •  Peter Saidel
  •  Ellen Sexton
  •  Penny Shaw
  •  Vicki Shu
  •  Sharon Snyder
  •  Lane Spigner
  •  Igor Stefanco
  •  Christopher Stephens
  •  Joshua Stevens
  •  Frank Stryczek
  •  Tanasia Swift
  •  Alex Takats
  •  Pam Tamay
  •  Pamela Terry
  •  Thayer Thompson
  •  Tom Tobin
  •  Michael Turchiano
  •  Mary Turnbach
  •  Louise Twining-Ward
  •  Shmuel Dovid Uhlman
  •  Michael Uys
  •  Vanessa Valdes
  •  Marie Vellucci
  •  Mary Beth Vigneron
  •  Anthony Villiotti
  •  Mal Ward
  •  Ellie Wawrzaszek
  •  Ellen Weinberg
  •  Kiera Westphal
  •  Sara Widenhouse
  •  Lily Wong
  •  Woody Wood
  •  christina woolston
  •  Cortney Worrall
  •  Inger Yancey
  •  Kamen Yotov
  •  Paras Zodiatis

Grimaldo’s Mile is organized entirely by volunteers. Can you help support CIBBOWS on race day? Whether it's kayaking, helping with set up, walking the beach and keeping eyes on swimmers, packing up supplies for storage, or cheering swimmers along the way, please come join us! Please sign up here or email


We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.


801 Riegelmann Boardwalk, Brooklyn, New York, 11224, United States


NYC Parks Pavilion directly opposite from the NY Aquarium Education Hall. This is where West 8th Street would end at the Reigelmann Boardwalk