Learn to Love Ocean Swimming 7/27

In by Christina Gantcher

  •  July 27, 2024
     10:15 am - 11:30 am

Are you nervous or afraid to swim in the ocean? Do waves scare you? Our new program Learn to Love Ocean Swimming is designed especially for you! 

The program is led by two experienced CIBBOWS instructors.  It starts with a safety briefing on the beach where swimmers learn best practice tips for ocean swimming, how to orient themselves while swimming, and strategies to work with their fears should they arise so they can stay safe.  The class then moves to the water to walk through the basic elements of the ocean environment, entering and exiting the water, swimming short distances from the shore in a group, treading water together, using floating techniques, and having fun in the water. The program lasts for one hour of which about 30 mins will be in the water.  

Requirements: No previous open water swim experience necessary but participants must know how to swim about 200 yards without stopping, float on their backs without assistance, and tread water comfortably. 

Please be sure to hydrate beforehand, bring extra water, and plenty of sunscreen and read our essentials page before attending. We will swim rain or shine, but we do not swim in thunderstorm conditions.  

The hour class will include both beach and water instruction. 

On the beach:

  • Introduction to CIBBOWS and ocean swimming 
  • Orientation to the beach, identifying landmarks, jetties, lifeguards, flags
  • Discussion of ocean swimming equipment and how to avoid chafing, sunburn, hydration, cramps etc.
  • Acknowledging fear and talking about how to navigate anxiety when in the water
  • Reviewing best practice tips for staying emotionally safe in the water

In the water:

  • Understanding basic physics of how we interact with the water environment
  • Practicing water entry and exit
  • Learning how to check the current
  • Trying out safety strokes e.g. elementary backstroke
  • Floating in the ocean to rest and stabilize our minds 
  • Exploring how to swim in a group
  • Testing out sighting while swimming
  • Reclaiming how to have fun in the water

Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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