Open Water Clinic

Race Training 6/17

In by Jacqueline Broner

  •  June 17, 2023
     10:15 am - 11:30 am

Race training for open water is designed to better prepare you for your open water competition or triathlon race. You will practice beach and in-water starts, buoy turns, beach  finishes, drafting, strategy and basic open water swim race rules. This program is a great way to get race-day-ready for those who are new to open water racing or triathlons.  

Requirements: This swim is for competitive swimmers who are comfortable swimming at least a mile in the open water. Please be sure to hydrate beforehand, bring extra water, Gu or equivalent swim feed (something that can fit in your cap – if you want to practice a feed) and plenty of sunscreen and read our essentials page before attending. We will swim rain or shine, but we do not swim in thunderstorm conditions.  

What does a Race Training Session involve?

  • Introductions
  • Rules of OWS racing, pacing, strategy, feeding and training 
  • Safety orientation of the beach
  • Running starts, lifting lower legs with heels up over waves and dolphin dive
  • Practice swimming in a group
  • Practice swimming straight and sighting
  • Breathing in waves, surfing waves
  • Buoy turns using a backstroke technique around the coach
  • Practice feeding with GU or equivalent while in water
  • Drafting with explanation of drafting rules
  • Racing in waves (if conditions allow)
  • Sprint finishes – switching to sprint swimming and running up the beach

Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable

Registered Attendees

  •  Heather (Medea) Christiansen
  •  Sonia Dolan
  •  Melissa Elder
  •  Julie Kim
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