August 8, 2018 at 7:43 am #2749
Phyllis Freilich

Hi Virginie,
Welcome to NY!
Unfortunately, my whole summer training situation changed due to a heavier-than-usual work schedule and family obligations. I had to cancel my SF/Alcatraz plans months ago 🙁
CIBBOWS is such a great place to meet swim buddies. I saw a recent CIBBOWS posting that in addition to their weekend clinics (you’re too advanced for these), people will meet up at the same time for group distance swims. I think you can sign up on this website for a very minimal fee. Also, check out the upcoming CIBBOWS race calendar – the events look awesome and certainly within your capability as a non-wetsuit Alcatraz swimmer – wow!!!
Feel free to call/text me. 917-656-0601 – I’m happy to share what I know about local training options.
Happy swimming!