October 18, 2021 at 11:43 am #9098

Hey Dan, Sounds like a 3mm ripcurl or something similar might do you. They make these surf wetsuits with great seamless underarms now….You’ll get in and out of it quick in the cold…. and obviously you can bump up the thickness if you aren’t into the cold…. Otherwise I’d recommend a base level orca. They don’t last long. Soaking suits at the start of a season is meant to help, and no rings or jewels etc with the swim specific suits. Also size up with the swim specific suits. They are made for aliens. Best to try-on rather than online purchase; to get the size right. There is a bunch of swimmers who have been swimming in the early mornings who can advise better. Socks, Gloves, and helmet/hat are obviously essentials, seeing as most people wear those without any wet suit.