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      In early January 2024, our company’s lost foam equipment produced for Dandong customers started to be shipped one to another and is here at the factory for installation. This marks a new stage all of the construction for the lost foam equipment production line, providing advanced production equipment and technical support for Dandong customers.

      The production line of lost foam casting equipment is an advanced casting process, which is utilised to vaporize and evaporate the foam model to form metal castings by coating refractory coating on the foam model, burying it associated with sand box, and casting the molten metal in the model. This process has the advantages of high precision, high surface quality, and high production efficiency, and is widely used in fields such as automobiles, machinery, aerospace, etc.

      Dandong customers choose to introduce lost foam equipment production lines so that you can improve their production capacity and product quality. The introduction of lost foam equipment production lines will enable customers to produce more complex and precise castings fulfill the constantly increasing market demand. At the same time, the production line of lost foam equipment furthermore improve production efficiency minimize production price levels.

      After setting up the lost foam equipment, Dandong customers will be able to quickly enter production and still provide more and better products for the market. This will help enhance the position of Dandong customers on the market and grow their market competitiveness.

      China’s lost foam casting technology made significant progress, not only widely applied to the domestic market, but also competitive in the international marketplace. The customer’s choice to introduce our company’s lost foam equipment production line is also a recognition and trust within our company’s lost foam equipment production phone line.

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