Please register your interest for the CIBBOWS Member Test Swims here!

If you are registering as a group, delegate **one person** to be the contact person and have them fill out the form on behalf of the group.

These are training swims, and boat support is shared between the swimming group, so you’ll need to match up with swimmers of a similar speed and stay together throughout the swim. These swims are NOT a race. You must all follow the lead boat and swim close together at all times: ideally 20-50 yards, depending on conditions, and no more than 100 yards.

You can sign up to swim solo, or gather a pod of swimmers of a similar pace (maximum 4 swimmers per swim) and train up together for the swim. If you want to be matched with a group, please contact us first and provide some information, and we will try to match you with others your speed. If you have questions, please reach out to