2019 CIBBOWS Membership

Membership is for one year and expires December 2019.
We will open membership for 2020 soon.

What’s included in membership?

Beginners clinics and group swims (with a small placeholder fee).
Members-only swims.
Social gatherings.
Great swag.

End of season party.

Anyone (member or not) is always welcome to come join us for a swim at the beach.

Meet up at Brighton Beach with other open water enthusiasts at 10 am every Saturday & Sunday from Memorial Day until Labor Day. If you’re new, ask for an quick orientation–we’re happy to show you the ropes.

Beginner Swim Clinics led by experienced CORE CIBBOWS swimmers.
Requirements: Must be able to float, tread water, and swim at least 200 yards in a pool without stopping.  No previous open water swim experience necessary.

Group Swims led by experienced CORE CIBBOWS swimmers.
Requirements: Should be able to swim 800 yards in a pool without stopping, and be ready to swim past the jetty in open ocean.  The objective of these clinics is to provide you with the tools to make you safer and more comfortable in the ocean, and give you the skills you need to feel prepared for your next open water swim.

Jetty Drills with Patricia Sener. Tired of just swimming to the pier and back?  We’ll do a different drill set in each jetty designed to enhance your speed, form and streamline. Plus it’s fun! Must be able to swim to the pier and back.

Whether you’re a newbie or a long-time CIBBOWser, show your support and become an official member. You’re welcome to come down and swim with us before you commit to being a member. Swim clinics are for CIBBOWS members only.

PLEASE NOTE!! We are not a learn-to-swim program. We are happy to refer you to a local pool where you can learn skills you need to tackle open water, and heartily encourage you to learn how to swim so we can share the love, but you need to have some basic swimming skills before you can attend our clinics or expect to come out and swim with us.

NEW Members in 2019 will receive one of these awesome swim buoys. If you weren’t a paying member in 2017 or 2018, you’re eligible. Highly visible buoys assure that lifeguards and water craft can see you – and you can also store some stuff in them if you don’t want to leave it on the beach.

NEW – Now you can purchase a membership as a gift!

Swim buoy

Paid Member