Medea Exogiinos

In by Christina Gantcher

Medea Exogiinos (it/its) is a multi-disciplinary circus alien who popped up on the shores of Brighton Beach in the summer of 2023 and never left. It found a spiritual connection to the ocean and found a long-lost home with CIBBOWS. Medea’s open water swim experience includes the Lake George OWS 5k, Urban Swim’s Pride Swim, Lake Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival and Grimaldo’s Mile. It is a member of Front Runners New York, where it was the first non-binary multisport athlete of the year, as well as Team New York Aquatics. As a swimmer, Medea strives to progress the recognition and equality of the non-binary competitive category. It wanted to help lead swims because it understands the nerves accompanying open water swimming and would love to hold space for others to connect with such a special experience. Medea sees open water swimming as a means to improved mental health (it owes its life to the ocean), connecting to something deeper in nature and pushing for environmentalism to protect our ocean. When it is not swimming, Medea uses its circus arts (contortion, aerial and hand balancing) and dance to create work that hopefully brings solidarity to others living with serious mental illness. It also facilitates support groups as a peer for NAMI NYC Metro.

Events this person is involved with:

Group Swim Leader