Michael Adams

Michael Adams

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Michael AdamsMichael is thrilled to be teaching again this summer with CIBBOWS! His classes are designed to be accessible for all levels and give a special consideration for swimmers’ bodies. There will be modifications offered for all of the postures so that they can be safely attained by all participants.

The classes begin with breathing awareness to center the mind and to establish a mind body connection. They then move mindfully through gentle mobility exercises in a standing position- flexing, extending, and rotating the spine, torso and limbs to warm up the body.

There is generally a sun salutation sequence to further warm up the body and begin to access more dynamic variations. The class will then move through select standing postures(i.e. Warrior I, II, III, Crescent Moon, Triangle) and then finish the standing work with balance postures(i.e. Tree, Dancer Pose). 

Once down on the mat the class will concentrate on a balance of classical Hatha poses that will include forward and back bending and spinal twists(i.e. Cobra, Bow, Half and Full Forward Bend, Seated Spinal Twist). The practice finishes with a final body scan and then deep relaxation in Corpse pose.

Throughout the practice students are encouraged to be present with their breath, slowing the breath down and using it to bring awareness and depth to the postural practice. Students are also encouraged to take special note of the surrounding natural beauty and to be uplifted by the power of practicing in Brooklyn’s coastal splendor.