Patricia Sener

In by jacqueline

Patricia is a USMS level 2 coach with over 15 years of swim teaching experience, Beagle Channel veteran, NY Bight Swim pioneer, and Executive Director Emeritus of CIBBOWS.

As a Yoga instructor, Patricia’s approach is geared towards opening up the body in preparation for a training swim.  This is not a stand-alone practice but rather a supportive one, especially designed for swimmers.  Drawing on her 20+ years of Iyengar Yoga practice, she mixes restorative Iyengar (poses are held 1-3minutes) to unblock where we tend to be stuck along with a swim warm-up straight from her beloved Russian Olympic coach Igor, as well as mixing in pranayama and core/abdominal warming poses.  Join her in this unique practice and then go have a fantastic swim!