Sharon Gunderson

In by Jacqueline Broner

A professional classical violinist for 30+ years and an interior painter for over a decade, I started practicing Bikram in October 2009. I was brought to my first class by my friend John, who was tired of hearing me complain about not being flexible. From the very beginning, I remember thinking “finally, this is where I belong”. Not only did my flexibility and strength improve dramatically, but I found the tools for incredible mental focus and the power to calm myself in any situation (like performing onstage, where i’d always been debilitatingly anxious before).

In the past two years I’ve introduced several friends to the practice, but I knew the best way to share this unique, life-changing yoga with the world was to become a certified teacher. I graduated from the Fall 2011 Teacher Training on November 19th, and absolutely Love teaching. I’ve lived in Central Harlem for over eight years now, and when I’m not in the hot room you might find me swimming at Brighton Beach, year-round!