Valerie Farber

Valerie Farber

In by Jacqueline Broner

Valerie FarberI have always been passionate about swimming but I have never been an ocean gal.  I was afraid of the waves and sea life and disliked the beach with the relentless sun.  Pools and mountain lakes were my steady go-to’s as a child and through my adult years.  It was not until the summer of 2020 that I ventured to the beach and CIBBOWS, carrying all my fears and anxiety about the big, wild blue.

After a year of curiosity, self-compassion, and supportive community, I truly fell in love with the magic and mystery of ocean swimming.  Now, I find nothing more fascinating and (surprisingly) calming than moving with a living, breathing body of water.

As a swim instructor, I have taught lessons through Asphalt Green, Imagine Swimming, Seattle Parks and Rec, and my own company, AquaKula.  I specialize in helping beginner and fearful adult swimmers find comfort, self-confidence, and freedom in the water.  Regardless of age, ability, sentiment, or skill level, I am honored to support you in your ocean swimming journey!

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