Grimaldo’s Mile 2024 Swim Angels

In by Jacqueline Broner

Date: July 20, 2024

Swim Angels are support for beginner and nervous swimmers. To be a swim angel – you MUST be a strong swimmer able to swim at least 2 miles and able to be in potentially cold water for at least an hour or more. Swim race experience is preferred and you must have taken our Swim Angel training or have been an angel for past races. Please email if you have any questions. Signing up for swim angel is not guaranteeing a spot – angels will be chosen at the discretion of the race director and race team.

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Select Task(s)Volunteer PositionName
Select Task(s)Volunteer PositionName
Swim Angel#1: Jacqueline Broner
#2: Medea Exogiinos
#3: Ellen Weinberg
#4: Katherine Moriwaki
#5: Cathy Clarke
#6: Capri Djatiasmoro
#7: Karen Poleshuck
#8: Lily Wong
#9: Patricia Sener
#10: Constance Sasso
#11: Liam Shea Hartigan
#12: Kirsten Kramer