Each weekend CIBBOWS offers various programs for our members. See our calendar for exact dates and registration pages.


Yoga on the Beach offers the opportunity to stretch and tone muscles as you breathe and relax into the day. Beginners are encouraged to attend this relaxing, go-at-your-own-pace class. The yoga style that is taught varies by each instructor, so check the schedule before you come, regardless you are sure to feel balanced, stretched, and ready to swim after this beach yoga.  

Yoga is free for members and the public, so come by, and bring a friend!


Introductory Open Water Clinics are led by experienced CIBBOWS core instructors. Swimmers will be given a safety orientation on the beach, then go into the water and swim a short distance, this will be repeated several times so swimmers get comfortable getting into the ocean, floating, treading water, being aware of surroundings and swimming in the waves. The clinic lasts for one hour. Requirements: No previous open water swim experience necessary but participants must know how to swim, be able to float, tread water, and swim at least 200 yards in a pool without stopping.  Please note – this is not a learn to swim program.


Maybe you’re new to CIBBOWS and want to swim in a group instead of on your own, or you are an established member who just wants company in the ocean. These small group one hour swims are a great way to meet up with others and perhaps find other people your speed to plan future swims with. Medium pace group swim is designed for those people who like to take the medium or slower lane in a pool (1:45+ for 100 yards). Medium/fast pace group swim is designed for those people who like to take the medium or fast lane in a pool (<1:45 for 100 yards).  You will head out with an experienced group leader and swim as a group, pausing at each jetty to allow slower swimmers to catch up.  Medium pace groups will swim three quarters of a mile to a mile out and back, parallel to shore, past the jetties. Medium/fast pace groups will swim at least one mile out and back. Slower swimmers may bring fins.


Join us for a fun, challenging, and unique ocean workout that will focus on improving your streamline, form and speed.  Progressive drill sets/sprints from jetty to jetty with a small group. We will be doing drills for all 4 strokes, but I will suggest alternatives for those who only know freestyle. Drills are adjusted to the particular needs and experience of each group; no two workouts are alike. This coached swim is for intermediate/advanced swimmers who are comfortable in open water and swimming 1-2 miles. Slower swimmers may bring fins.


Race training for open water is designed to better prepare you for your open water swim or triathlon race. You will practice beach and in-water starts, buoy turns, beach  finishes, drafting, strategy and basic open water swim race rules. This swim is a great way to get race-ready for those who are new to open water racing or triathlons.

There is a nominal cost for members to take these clinics. If you are a member who cannot afford to pay the cost of clinics, please contact us and let us know. 

Our weekend programs are for CIBBOWS members. A limited amount of spots may be available to non-members who are traveling from out of town or want to try a class before joining. Please contact us for more information.